Apparitions and Aliens: Religion and UFOs - Part IV

Several photos of the Fatima UFO have been published in various books, as well as the Vatican newspaper, L’Osservatore Romano. An interesting correlation to the Fatima events occurred over Mexico City during a solar eclipse in 1991. Thousands witnessed silver disks emit “color bursts” that are remarkably similar to the events reported at Fatima. There were dozens of videos of the Mexico City disks taken by people unknown to each other and up to sixty miles apart.

It is interesting that the Vatican maintains one of the largest private telescopes in the world, and apparently is highly interested in UFO’s. Supposedly, the Vatican has a UFO research division at the Vatican University’s Alfonsian Academy. Priests from around the world (including Americans) have been hand-picked to undergo extensive training in witnessing to alien beings, according to Professor of Theology Dr. Rudolph Koller in Salzburg, Austria.

To say that all of these events are simply the result of collective mythical consciousness, or as misunderstood natural phenomenon is short sighted, especially in light of the BVM evidence. It is hard to accept that these manifestations originate in the mind of man, although the mind of man may provide a bridge for these type of experiences. The only thing we can say for sure about Biblical UFO phenomena is that many of the same things reported today were reported thousands of years ago.

The implications are that some intelligence(s) has been with us for a long time, covertly guiding our belief systems. Or possibly this intelligence arrived after the formation of Christianity, created by man from myths, but then “tapped into” the contemporary belief systems upon arrival to earth, occasionally using some sort of supertechnological devices to herd the masses. If this is the case, they must have landed in Rome. The lack of these type of events among Protestants is interesting. If these type of phenomena are strictly a process of the mind, we would expect them across the board. On the other hand, it is hard to imagine aliens adopting a non-ecumenical orthodoxy.

On thing is for sure, Michael Grosso was right about this: “if some UFOs come from outer space, and if there is evidence of their impacting on us via our religious symbols and personalities, then our whole view of the spiritual history of mankind is up for revision.”