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The paranormal eventsOperation MindPhuck (bastard brainchild of Tim Brigham of The Devil's Advocate) is a webring (by the by, a webring is a system which links all the sites in the ring together so that viewers may navigate the member sites easily, by clicking the navigation buttons. Example below.) which includes sites dealing with such topics as forteana, the paranormal, UFOs, philosophy, new science, sociology and psychology, culture and sub-culture, conspiracies, and related ideas and topics.


Numerology life cycle

Numerology life cycleNumerology is a metaphysical science similar to astrology. The big difference between numerology and astronomy is that numerology deals with how numbers influence objects and people in the universe while astrology uses the planets, sun and moon. Numerology is the study of the numbers. It is believed that the numbers related to life of people are symbolic.


Astrology moon sign

moon signRashi or moon sign is one of the most defining and basic parameters used by astrologers studying Indian astrology. Your astrology moon sign is based on the placement of this heavenly body in your sign in the birth chart. Moon dwells in any particular sign for about 2 or 2.25 days and it is this movement of the moon that is studied by the Vedic astrologers.


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