Apparitions and Aliens: Religion and UFOs - Part III

One such case occurred in Zeitun, outside Cairo, from 1968 to 1969. These visions are thoroughly documented with photographs, and were witnessed by hundreds of thousands. These apparitions were different in nature to other BVM sightings, more amorphous with less spectacular “miracles.” This may indicate a different technology was responsible for their generation. Another BVM case with remarkable evidence occurred at Garabandal, Spain, in the early 1960’s. A host (communion wafer) was filmed appearing on the tongue of a visionary named Conchita.

 The mother (pun intended) of all Virgin Mary apparitions has to be Fatima, Portugal. Beginning in 1915, and culminating with the “miracle of the sun,” on October 13, 1917, several children had on-going visions on a monthly basis. Witnesses reported balls of light, buzzing sounds, clouds with rainbow colors, even skyquakes and underground explosions! The visionaries claimed they were given “secrets” by Mary, but even under the threat from priests and politicians of being boiled in oil, they stuck by their story and did not divulge any of the “secrets.” Several of the “secrets” supposedly predicted the end of W.W.I, the start of W.W.II, and eventually, the fall of communism. There is supposedly still one outstanding “secret” that the Vatican will not reveal. Some think this may relate to extraterrestrials.

 On September 13, 1917, witnesses reported seeing a ball of light. During this apparition, something like angel hair fell out of a clear sky. This substance dissolved as it landed. There were 30,000 present during this apparition. The Virgin had promised a miracle on October 13, so it is no surprise that 70,000 witnesses were present for the “dance of the sun.” Something disk-shaped was seen to spin on its axis while rainbow colors emanated from it. The disk plunged toward the crowd displaying a falling leaf pattern, causing many to fall to their knees.

 The disk was described by witnesses as “a plaque of dull silver,” or “a shining disk of dull silver.”


Dr. Almeida Garrett, a Professor of Natural Sciences at Coimbra University, wrote: “I veered to the magnet which seemed to be drawing all eyes and saw it as a disc with a clean-cut rim, luminous and shining, but which did not hurt the eyes. ..It looked like a glazed wheel made of mother of pearl. It could not be confused, either, with the sun seen through fog, because it was not opaque, diffused, or veiled. In Fatima it gave light and heat and appeared clear-cut with a well-defined rim...The sun, whirling wildly, seemed to loosen itself from the firmament and advance threateningly upon the earth... ”