Astrology moon sign

moon signRashi or moon sign is one of the most defining and basic parameters used by astrologers studying Indian astrology. Your astrology moon sign is based on the placement of this heavenly body in your sign in the birth chart. Moon dwells in any particular sign for about 2 or 2.25 days and it is this movement of the moon that is studied by the Vedic astrologers.

According to the astrologers, moon is regarded as the controlling power over a human being and at the time of the birth, its position in the birth chart influences the complete mentality and personality of that particular individual. As sun sign is important in astrology so is the moon sign. It helps in generating a better understanding about the personality and mental level of an individual that affect his or her life and relationship with others.

There are different phases of moon and two cycles- ascending cycle and descending cycle. It is believed that those born in the ascending cycle are benefited by the presence of moon in their sign at birth but the effects are antagonistic for those born in the descending cycle. Also moon has got different affects over the people with different Zodiac sign and a keen study of astrology moon sign helps in gaining a better understanding about the overall personality of any individual. Not only mental but few of the physical traits are also influenced by moon sign and thus moon sign plays an important role in the life of any person.

There are many astrologers who study the moon signs and birth charts with whom you can take help in knowing the moon sign of you and your loved ones. In this way you can know them in a much better way and have a happy and sound life.