Apparitions and Aliens: Religion and UFOs - Part II

Of course, the account may be embellished or totally fictitious, as much of the Bible is. It is not a history book per se, although many accounts may have a basis in real events. It is important to keep stories like this in perspective and remain objective about them. Early Christians, such as Paul, had an agenda to promote the early church, and the New Testament stories of “miracles” were used to this means. It is important to remember that if this early church were around today, it would be considered a cult.

While these Biblical accounts are interesting, they provide little evidence that aliens actually interfered in the creation of Christianity. There may well have been some sort of non-human intelligence at work here, and many Biblical accounts do have remarkable similarities to contemporary UFO encounters. However, the only evidence we really have for Biblical aliens are the anecdotes in the Bible. The lesson for the UFO researcher is that the importance of a particular UFO account is proportional to the evidence.

Even if there was no alien intervention in the birth of Jesus or the conversion of Paul, there is evidence of some sort of manipulation of Christianity in more recent times. Most of these cases involve Marian Apparitions, and several have been accepted as genuine by the Vatican. These apparitions have occurred since the middle ages. I will cover a few with interesting associated phenomena.

An interesting event occurred during a Marian Apparition in Pontmain, France, on January 17, 1871. Six small children (children are often chosen as visionaries) saw a beautiful lady appear wearing a blue dress with gold stars. A white area about 5 feet tall and 25 feet long appeared under Mary. The children reported that it appeared an invisible hand was slowly writing in this space. Gold letters slowly spelled “mais,” which means “but” in French. This lone word was visible for about ten minutes before the “hand” continues to write: “ But pray my children, God will hear you in a short time.”

The message lingered for about ten minutes before something “erased” the message. If this actually happened, there seems to be some sort of supertechnology involved, possibly holographic in nature. The pause after the word “mais” was written is curious, almost like the intelligence involved had to go check a dictionary for a translation. I tend to believe this happened more or less as reported, even without photographic evidence. It is hard to imagine children in 1871 making up a story like this, and there are correlations to more modern BVM cases where we do have evidence.