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The paranormal eventsOperation MindPhuck (bastard brainchild of Tim Brigham of The Devil's Advocate) is a webring (by the by, a webring is a system which links all the sites in the ring together so that viewers may navigate the member sites easily, by clicking the navigation buttons. Example below.) which includes sites dealing with such topics as forteana, the paranormal, UFOs, philosophy, new science, sociology and psychology, culture and sub-culture, conspiracies, and related ideas and topics.

Above all, sites must have worthy content and hopefully present information and attitude that is "unusual" or "absurd" by mainstream and even semi-mainstream definitions, in the sense that it can not realistically be pigeonholed into simplistic categories. We do not wish to promote dogmatic ideas or beliefs, be they pro or con on either side of a controversial issue. We hope that Operation MindPhuck will soon become the UberRing for unusual phenomenon and independent thought on the internet.

Not all sites are admitted to the ring. We're truly attempting to make this webring the best possible, and carefully considering all sites that apply in the hope that we can keep the quality of sites in the ring to a standard of greatness. (Doesn't the sound of that just make your head swell up? Thank God I don't wear hats).

Members of the ring don't have to do anything other than have the ring code on their page. All potential member sites are added to a list which the ringmaster reviews (though other members of the ring may of course endorse potential new sites and have them added to the ring if they wish by contacting me directly).

Angel HairAngel Hair: Conclusions Drawn from In Depth Research by Brian Boldman

I have studied the angel hair phenomenon for several years now, and I would like to present evidence for a more prosaic explanation of this phenomenon than “alien visitors.”


Religion and UFOApparitions and Aliens: Religion and UFOs

As anyone who has studied the UFO phenomenon knows, there is a definite link between UFOs and religion. Much has already been written on this, so I’m intentionally skipping some of the more well known Biblical UFO’s with the exception of several I find important for various reasons.