The work of the Religious Right

Religious RightJordan Warfel is one of my favorite religious righties. Where would we be without something like this, written by Mr. Warfel?

The American Family Association, which was leading a coalition of organizations to boycott Wal-Mart this weekend, has called off the boycott. That’s right. There will be no boycott. Wal-Mart says now that it will not support any “controversial” groups. That means that it will not be giving any more money to the homosexual agenda. There was an enormous groundswell of support for the boycott at the Christian grassroots level. I have never heard this kind of excitement and anticipation over an AFA boycott. Well apparently Wal-Mart heard it too, and has decided not to go up against the AFA and its allies. It is a good thing to.

Wal-Mart made a huge PR blunder in supporting the homosexual agenda. Wal-Mart should have known that they would get resistance. And they should have known that they would not be getting many browny points from the unions. The unions have been fighting Wal-Mart for a long time. Wal-Mart cannot afford to make more enemies by supporting the homosexual agenda.

Honestly, I don’t know why Wal-mart even tried to gain some notice with the gays and lesbians. I believe study after study has shown gays have higher incomes than straights — or something to that effect. So, why would any of those Birkenstock-wearin’ and rainbow-flag-wavin’ folk ever shop at Wal-mart? On the other hand, it was likely a good move on Wal-mart’s part to stop “supporting the homosexual agenda.” The redneck trailers may have been minimally filled with toys made in China this year had they continued to “advance” and “promote” homosexuality among God-fearing Christians.

At least people like Jordan Warfel and the American Family Association are helping Americans identify the real enemies: couture-clad and incessently-promiscuous homosexuals!