Details about Life path 9

nine numberLife path 9 is one of the numerals used in numerology life path, i.e. the astrology based on the numbers. There are different ways to predict your future using astrology. Some believe in Hindu astrology while others use tarots or numerology to predict the future. In numerology, the future is predicted using the numbers based on a person’s date of birth. These numbers are called as life paths. The life path numbers count from 1 to 9 and 11 and 22. Each of these Life path numbers shows the general characteristics of the human beings. They have different meanings for different people.

Life path 9 resembles people who are philanthropic and humanitarian. They belong to the people who are compassionate about others and passionate about service to the society. They are trustworthy, honorable and are very creative individuals. They believe that they can change the world and want to make the world a better place to live for everyone. The people with life path 9 are emotionally intense and are generally impatient with the delays in implementing their plans. A person with Life Path 9 is very attractive and usually has many friends and acquaintances. They can quickly befriend with anybody easy make new friends. The person who has Life Path 9 are quite sensitive and have deep emotional feelings. They are artistic and like music, writing, painting and other arts. The Life path 9 persons have an easy to go attitude with money and this is the reason, they are not very rich. They may tend to judge the people poorly and are often impractical in their approach.

People with Life path 9 usually have philosophical nature. Spiritual leaders, Judges, healers and educators usually belong to this life path. Famous personalities like Harrison Ford, Jim Carrey, Morgan Freeman, Tom Snyder and Rowan Atkinson belongs to this Life path.