Bible Number 4

Bible number 4The number four signifies creation. Since 4=3+1 so it denotes all that follows the revelation of God, and that is his Creation. Creation is always referred to as the next thing that is the fourth thing. It is the number of material and matter. The fourth day of the creation was the day when material creation was finished, on the fifth and sixth day only people were created and the furnishing was done.

In the Bible the great elements are also four in number- earth, air, fire and water. The earth has four regions namely- east, west, north and south. The day is also divided into four parts- morning, day, evening and night. There are four seasons in a year - summer, winter, spring and autumn. The number four also marks division or parting in the scriptures, as the one river of Paradise divided into four heads. Cherubium were also four in number and they are also related with creation, they were first said to be guarding the tree of life, thus preserving and keeping the immortality of creation. The fourth commandment is the first among the Ten Commandments to mention earth. Also the fourth clause of the Lord's prayer mentions earth for the first time. The materials for Tabernacles were four in number (gold, silver, brass and wood) and four were the coverings (goats' hair, rams' skins, badgers' skins and fine linen). Damascus which is the oldest city in the world has a gematria of 444. A few words which occur four times in the Bible are garden, banners, plucked, branch, ignorance, watch, flower, star, craftsmen. An in-depth analysis of these words will reveal that they are also of the same significance as the number 4.

The number is related to and denotes all that is created. It is the world number and moreover the city number.