Biblical Numerology

Bible code TorahAnyone who is interested in learning the Biblical numerology and wants to have a better understanding of the Holy book will need biblical numerology charts and these will prove to be very helpful. Every number that occurs in the Bible has some significance and is symbolic of something. To any casual reader these numbers will not seem important but if someone is deeply interested in understanding the Bible then on analysis and by study he will know that every number is very significant. Numbers in the Bible are not random they occur in a pattern and to understand this Biblical numerology charts are very essential. These biblical numerology charts also contain the bible codes which are commonly known as Torah codes and these codes are very important in the study of Biblical numerology.

These charts can be easily downloaded from the internet for free. Not only these charts, there are also many software which are available and they contain these charts and many more applications. These charts are easy to understand and to use and give us a clear understanding of the significance of the numbers that occur in the Bible. Every significant word occurs a particular number of times and this is also very important and relevant to understand. Every commandment among the Ten Commandments has some significance and this is also related to its number. From its first occurrence every number stands for something and symbolizes something particular. Number one stands for unity, it is an indivisible number. It is independent and is the source of everything else. It is the same with the God therefore it talks of only one God being present and denies the existence of any other God. Two is the first number which can divide any other number; two is symbolic of the differences that exist. It may be how the good differs from evil or how the evil differs from good. With respect to man it often denotes his fall and the differences which are opposition, enmity and oppression. Also on the second day of creation God divided the water from the waters, this shows number two always denotes division. Three is a number which is the minimum number required to make a geometrical figure. A plane needs minimum three lines i.e. a triangle and a solid need minimum three dimensions i.e. a cube. Therefore three stands for all that real, solid and substantial. God has three attributes omnipresence, omniscience and omnipotence. Time has three great divisions- past, present and future. Number four signifies God’s creation. There are four great elements- earth, air, fire and water. Four directions- north south, east and west.