Bible Number 5

Bible Number 5The number 5 in the Bible is significant because it is the number of God’s grace. There are five great mysteries: Father, Son, Spirit, Creation and Redemption. After the fall of man creation was cursed and it became subject to vanity. So man and creation needed to be redeemed therefore number 5 is the number of God’s grace. Number 4 signifies man’s weakness and helplessness and number 5 i.e. 4+1 shows divine strength added to man’s weakness and vanity which means God’s grace.

Gematria is the process of assigning numbers to words. The gematria of the word Earth is 296 which is a multiple of 4 and the gematria of the word Heaven is 395 a multiple of 5. Therefore, Earth is synonymous to man’s weakness and vanity and Heaven is synonymous of God’s grace. Grace means favor and favor is of many types. Favor that is done for the unworthy or someone who doesn’t deserve it is called grace. God called upon Abram and promised to make his name great, he did it without any cause, this was an instance of God’s grace. God changed Abram’s name to Abraham and it is very significant that the change was made by inserting in between the fifth letter of the alphabet (h-Hey). When David went to fight with the enemy of Israel who was a giant he chose five smooth stones, these five stones were significant of David’s weakness supplemented by a divine power. David used only one stone (one with divine power) and not the other four stones to defeat and conquer the mighty enemy.

The importance of number 5 is further exemplified by the instances like The Fifth book of the Bible, The Fifth book of Psalms, The Fifth Psalm of the First Book all magnify and emphasize God’s grace.