Which are the smartest dog breeds?

smartest dog breedsBuying the smartest dog breeds is an intelligent decision which one can take if they are planning to buy a dog. One advantage of buying smart dogs is that they can do any of your tasks very easily. They can be used for guarding your house and can also be used for fun and entertainment. There are many breeds of smartest dogs available which an user can prefer to take.

The first and the smartest dog breed is Border Collie. Border Collie is considered as the smart, intelligent and obedient dog. However, these dogs are not suitable for city life as they like companionship. They are highly energetic and wants to participate in activities all throughout the day. Second in the list of smartest dog breed is Poodle. Poodle is considered to be very intelligent and can easily be trained. They don’t like to be left alone and always want companionship. Apart from being used as guard dogs, they can also be trained to become hunters. The third breed which is considered as the smartest dog is German Shepherd. Considered as one of the best guard dogs, they are extremely intelligent, have lot of courage and have very strong protective instinct. They can be considered as family dogs as well. Golden Retriever, which is considered as the most popular breed of dog is the fourth breed of the smartest dog. Doberman Pinscher is loyal, fearless and the most assertive breed. They are considered as one of the best guard dogs. Shetland Sheepdog, Labrador Retriever, The Papillion, Rottweiler and Australian Cattle Dog are also considered as some of the smartest dog breeds which have equal intelligence as human.

The smart dog breeds can be very useful for the human beings. They can work like guard dogs and can be used for various other reasons.